Not Quite my Hood to Coast recap

August 28, 2014 by Liz | 2 Comments

I am still internally processing my Hood to Coast adventure, but what I can tell you right now is that it was amazing. Yes, there were some not so much fun parts and lots of traffic, but on a whole, it was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world.

I don’t want to disappoint for too long so I’ve included a few photos in this post (obviously more to come)

Team Wild Berry at the finish line

Team Wild Berry at the finish line (Photo credit: Eric Rayvid)

Cheers to a good race!

Cheers to a good race! (Photo Credit: Eric Rayvid)

I so wish I took this photo and that it was my team. Alas, awesome photo.

I so wish I took this photo and that it was my team. Alas, awesome photo. (Photo Credit: ??)

While I am writing out my official Hood to Coast recap (yes I know I said I’d never do a race recap post, so shoot me), here are some random thoughts I have:

  1. I absolutely love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. I just need to find a job out there so I can move.
  2. Apparently when you get old, jet lag sucks a lot more. Since I haven’t been able to sleep, I have been re-watching cheesy teen movies from the 90s. Yes, I am admitting to watching She’s All That last night.
  3. I miss my Nuun teammates like… a lot. Fart and poop jokes, and all.

Do you have any bucket list races? What is your favorite race experience? 

August 13, 2014
by Liz

The post that should’ve been written months ago

To say I have been neglecting this blog is a HUGE understatement and we can get to that point at another time. No need to remind me right now that I need to get my act together. Also, I really should’ve written this post awhile ago, and there is no excsue for that either but, what can you do?

So here it goes…

One week from today I will be on a plane heading to Oregon (by way of Seattle) to run Hood to Coast with Team Nuun.


Every year Nuun Hydration puts together teams for the race made up of Nuun enthusiasts, bloggers, or ambassadors. Really, they’ve put together multiple teams and I’m not sure the criteria of how they have picked in the past, but they seem to get a good group of people. Every year the picking criteria changes but every year they field at least two years. This year, they opened up the opportunity for Nuun Ambassadors to apply to be on the team and well… guess who got picked?

This year the two teams that make up “Team Nuun” are Team Wildberry (my team) and Team Lemon-Lime. As I said before, the teams are made up of Nuun Ambassadors like myself and a few lucky Nuun Employees. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet anyone in person yet as we are all spread out across the country, but we’ve been getting to know each other online and I have to say I am super excited about these people.

On Monday we received our official itineraries for the trip and that is when it officially hit me that this is really happening. I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to run Hood to Coast, and especially to be running it with a group of awesome people. Thank you Nuun for picking me!

Okay, so that’s enough for today. Don’t want to go overboard too soon with this attempt at returning to blogging.