December 8, 2013
by Liz

Snow Day

If you live anywhere in the mid-atlantic or the DC area (or just live in a room with no windows, no internet or cable), today was likely a snow day. After watching a number of cars struggle up the small hill in front of my house for a few hours, I decided that today was a great sweat pants and lounging day. The only bad part to this plan was I didn’t account for how bored I’d get and just how much I just wasn’t feeling watch football. In fact, I’m still bored and that is why I’m writing. I’m sorry.

I did manage to bake some gingerbread. Not sure about the final result as of now as it’s still cooling in the pan. Thankfully, I can report that I did not burn the house down. Or break anything. And all fingers are still attached.

Did you have a snow day today? What do you do to keep from going stir crazy?

For now I will entertain you with pictures of my dog.

I think there is snow on my face!

I think there is snow on my face!


Look ma! There's snow!

Look ma! There’s snow!


I'm going to run around the yard like crazy!

I’m going to run around the yard like crazy!




December 2, 2013
by Liz

I’m Baaaaaaack…

So it has been… uh… awhile. I haven’t blogged since April, since the Boston Marathon, and I am happy to say that I believe I am back. A lot has happened in the past 7.5 months. A LOT. Instead of boring you all with a long recap of everything, I will just give you the CliffNotes version with some pictures…

I trained for AND completed my 2nd Full Marathon. It was a ton of fun and even though I said I wanted to focus on the ½ in 2014, I think I may be eye-ing a fall full again.

Before the start

I started and completed Whole30, losing approximately 12 lbs in the process. I have tried multiple times to restart and have failed each time, but I REALLY need to do it again and get my eating back on track. Even though I haven’t completed another Whole30 again, I still abide by many of the eating skills I learned through the first time.

I traveled to 2 new states and completed 3 Ragnar’s with my awesome team, earning a total of 7 medals. So. Much. Bling.

Ragnar Wasatch Back

Ragnar Colorado (part of the crew)

Ragnar Las Vegas

I got a new job, which has been both rewarding and challenging, but so far so good!

Okay, so that was the extreme CliffNotes version. Throw in some other smaller races, traveling to Savannah for a wedding, and just general shenanigans.

Oh, did you see my new blog header and design? I found this lovely lady on Twitter and she helped me with the redesign.

Anyway, I’m back to the blog and will be updating more regularly now (and hopefully I won’t be taking another 8 month break….)